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My Little Army

My Little Army


My Little Army is a straightforward game that everyone can play. When taking part, players will have the opportunity to assume the role of a hero, embarking on a battle mission to defeat all Myth Balls in one go. Who is the victor? Participate in the journey of three inquisitive heroes and the My Little Army by signing up right now.

How to play

In My Little Army, the player's role is to take on the role of a hero, tracking down and eliminating individuals who have ill-intentions and wish to harm the general public. In order to defeat all of the myth balls, you will have to engage in combat challenges.

Assemble boosters and friendly companions, then mix them with 8 distinct classes, 48 characters, and 96 weapons in order to defeat hundreds of tasks in each scenario, as well as extra lucrative adventures. I wish you the best of success in completing the challenge within the time limit!

  • Everyone may enjoy this simple, fun, and trendy game.
  • The interface and visuals are both visually appealing and straightforward.
  • There are additional upgrading features available to make it easier for gamers.
  • In this game, the user moves the camera around by using the arrow buttons on his or her keyboard. In such a case, pressing 1 and 7 are dictation hotkeys; q, w, e, and r units hotkeys; and A hotkeys to swap spelling and units are also available for use.


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