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Description is a space defense game in which players take on the role of the universe's defender against Amogus impostors. The player's goal is to defend the border, seize territory, and take control of the whole station. Now is the time to join the game and take on interesting challenges!

How to play

In this game, players take on the role of a hero who must combat impostors that have invaded the nation. The imposter is susceptible to assault once it leaves the region and leaves a trail. The trail will die if you touch it, and the area around it will be freed. Maintain a safe track while attacking the enemy's.

  • Everyone may play this game.
  • The visually appealing and intriguing arrangement provides gamers with a unique experience.
  • There are a lot of fun trials with new things.
Rules to success

The player controls the mouse to direct the character to escape from the imposter's domain, assault, and leave a trail in order to successfully defend and occupy the YRZ-15 space station. Capture regions, fortify your boundaries, and take control of the whole station.

An attempt to strike the trail results in the opponent's destruction. Maintain a safe track while attacking the enemy's. Conquer the station's greatest area and claim the throne!

  • Use the touch screen on your mobile device to control your character's movement. 
  • Use a mouse or keyboard (WASD/arrow keys) on the desktop.
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