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Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online


Thief Puzzle Online is a game that has an intriguing thief-themed theme. Playing the part of a robber and running from police within the shortest duration is the goal of the game. Stretch your arms toward the golden keys, make your way across the area by using objects, and avoid drawing the attention of police. What is the reason you are holding back? Thief Puzzle Online is online!

If you like escape games that have fun themes, you'll find that our Puzzle Games section has another game that is perfect for you. A wonderful time!


  • Develop your reasoning.
  • A good narrative.
  • The courses are thrilling and demanding.
  • Suitable age.

It is possible to play with the mouse. A rubber arm is a great way to sneak into jail or to annoy cops. Keys and spectacles to fool your opponents, avoid officers and dogs, or use nails to make detours on the wall We wish you the best of the best of luck! 

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