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Basketball Competition 3D

Basketball Competition 3D


Basketball Competition 3D is a game that was made to allow everyone to participate in the official basketball tournament. This game allows you to practice your throwing talents and enhance your pitching technique in order to achieve your ambition of Basketball Competition 3D becoming a professional athlete.

How to play

The game creates a genuine experience for the player by simulating the basketball court in 3D.

To play, just move the mouse cursor towards the ball and click to get the ball to perfectly strike the hoop.

Participate in the free throw tournament, develop your abilities in many settings, and never get bored while playing.

  • There are many ways to complete the challenge quickly, but the quickest one is to follow the game's directions.
  • To prevent losing points and losing the game, you should always follow the penalty regulations.
Rules to success

You must adhere to the game's regulations in order to win. Because this is a free-throw game, pitching on the inside earns you two points, and hitting a clean shot earns you three points, regardless of distance. Score consistently to get fireball awards, and utilize the scoreboard to unlock the next board's goodies.

  • To play, just click and drag the mouse pointer over the screen.

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