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Hoop Star

Hoop Star


Hoop Star is a fantastic basketball game. It was created with the intention of assisting players in unwinding and relieving tension. Simply begin with a basketball and tap to strike the ball. Thus, you will fulfill the game's task. If you're a basketball fan, you won't want to miss Hoop Star!

How to play

To begin playing Hoop Star, just touch the screen to comply with the request and complete the task.

You must use your basketball hoop to catch the falling basketball. Drag your touchscreen or mouse device sideways to reposition the ring.

Extra points will be awarded for shots taken without the bell. Additionally, if there are consecutive old captures without wristbands, they will get additional points. Make certain you don't miss a single ball!

  • Easy-to-learn gameplay
  • Earn bonus points and combo points for great catches.
Rules to success

Always make sure you catch the ball appropriately and dribble into the inner ring. Drag your touchscreen or mouse device aside to modify the ring.

Besides, you must pay attention to those taken without bells. They will be marked and will assist you in winning the challenge.

  • Adjust the hoop in order to catch the basketball. 
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