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Ultimate Swish Game

Ultimate Swish Game


The Ultimate Swish Game is a 3D basketball game that gives players a dynamic atmosphere. Players must just click and then follow the game's instructions.

How to play

To stop the ball indications and fire the ball, the player clicks on the screen or pushes the spacebar.

Each ball that strikes the hoop will be scored according to the rules: one point for the red ball, two points for the green ball. The task must be completed within the allocated time.

  • The game has an appealing design that makes players feel as though they are participating in a genuine match.
  • The difficulty of the tasks in each round will vary depending on the level of the round.
  • After each round of play, the score is recorded.
Rules to success

To win, the player must follow the instructions, move the ball into the bar, and then double click to stop. Then click to allow the character to shoot the ball into the hoop.

Players have the option of playing alone or with teammates. However, keep in mind that you must correctly aim the ball in the direction of the hoop in order for it to strike the basket at the allocated time.

  • To move the ball, use the mouse and keyboard, after the player has determined the direction, just click to throw the ball into the hoop.
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