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The Last Man

The Last Man


The Last Man is a horror-filled survival horror game where you have to escape from an alien facility. You'll need the ability to locate and acquire every piece of equipment and weaponry you come across. It is important to know how to escape from these strange, scary, and potentially dangerous areas. Be vigilant, an alien could cut your skull off. Get involved with The Last Man now

  • The game generates random weapons, ammo or doors and even the placements of enemies.
  • There are three possible outcomes. The levels can be quite challenging.
  • Maze-like 3D setting. There are ten options for firearms, from fighting knives up to sniper weapons.

A group playing "The Last Man" game. You navigate with the WASD keys or the arrow keys. A bomb will go off when you click the left button. Use the right mouse key to select an item. Use a mouse wheel to select weapons. The letter R stands to "reload." The letter "reload" is represented by the letter R. N is for nightvision. ON/OFF Indicator "M" for Activation/Deactivation To activate the map, press and hold (Left Shift) + (Space) on your keyboard. The letter P stands for pause. All my best wishes!

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