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All ages will enjoy the online game, which has an exploration theme. To finish the work within the ring is the goal. To finish the task as quickly as possible, competitors need to be aware of any nearby obstacles. Do not hesitate! is currently available.


  • Method of Surviving Travel.
  • Moderate conundrums.

To advance faster, players in the challenge use the mouse and keyboard. You're lucky!


How can I establish a clan?

Players that take part may give their clan a name. Only clans that have won at least one alliance match are eligible to feature on the clan rankings. Clans with a score of less than 0.001 will be eliminated.

What activities may I engage in with my pals?

To play with buddies, choose Lobby 2 by clicking "More" first. There are fewer players in this lobby. It's nice to enjoy yourself with your pals here.

How can I set up an account?

You may check your password using the main menu to create an account that is automatically generated. You may use the username input field to enter your password. Your account will be active if a number other than 0 shows in the username entry field. It's crucial to safeguard your login information. No matter how many cookies or applications you remove, your account will still be secure. In the event of password loss, you are forced to start again with 0 ELO. Daily ELO points on your account will be lost.

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