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Summon The Hero

Summon The Hero


Summon The Hero is a hero-themed online game in which players must overcome obstacles in order to triumph. The fantasy tower defense game will feature a unique warfare system that will be used by the participants. That seems interesting, doesn't it? Today is the day to join Summon The Hero with your pals!

How to play

To begin, the tower defense strategy game takes place in a medieval country that is threatened by a variety of mythical monsters of all sizes and shapes. Try to survive all 18 conflicts by hiring upgradable units, doing quests that revolve around defending the kingdom, and completing quests that revolve around defending yourself. Make a conscious effort to recognize and conquer the obstacles in your path. I hope you are victorious!


  • Playing the game is simple; you only need to perform a few mouse operations or tap the screen to go forward and cross the finish line.
  • There are a lot of interesting tasks that can be done at different levels of difficulty to meet everyone's needs.
  • Results from each round will be kept in a database called the "data warehouse."
  • Players complete challenges and earn points either by using the mouse or by touching the touch screen.
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