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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys is a multiplayer online game in which players battle one another for survival. The rules for the game state that there can be only one winner. Play against thirty-two other players in a difficult match. There are many challenges you'll have to overcome in order to be successful. Are you willing and able to part with everything that you own? Don't fall and don't give up.

  • Competitors can be sprinted, glided, or glided past.
  • Avert potential hazards.
  • A true player-versus-player battle royale.
  • Design that is wild and vibrant.
  • The funny use of one’s body.

Participation in the competition involves navigation with the mouse and following on-screen directions. Stumble Guys does not require that you download the app. It can also be played online. Your chances of winning the contest are higher if you bring along some friends.

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