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Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge


The idea that you can block out a cloud from everyone's view served as the inspiration for the popular online game Sky Bridge. The idea of jumping on structures that aren't yours is the goal. You can only change buildings by using a ladder to serve as a link between the two structures. Why are you holding out? Register for Sky Bridge now!

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  • Vivid 2D visuals.
  • Additional stone characters and skins are available to unlock.
  • Simple and perpetual game.
  • Top leaderboards, scoring systems, and top leaders are readily available.

The players move across the screen using the mouse, left-clicking until they are able to determine that the ladder is long enough. After you let go of the left mouse, they can begin to walk over the ladder. The character is likely to fall down if the ladder is either too big or too small. Before you leave your initial location, make sure you have the proper length of ladder. Good fortune!

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