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Raymans Incrediballs Dodge

Raymans Incrediballs Dodge


Raymans Incrediballs Dodge is a fast-paced 2D adventure game filled with hard obstacles. When players participate, they will take on the role of a character who must overcome obstacles and retrieve the seized object. Today, become a part of Rayman's incredibleball dodge!

How to play

In this game, the player assumes the role of a hero who retrieves seized things and overcomes difficult obstacles in the forest with anarchy. You'll get to pick from over 20 entertaining Incrediballs and use their unique abilities to keep out of trouble for as long as possible. That is the law of the jungle: dodge left, dodge right, and push other players about. Wishing you the best of success with your trials!

  • The game has a lot of interesting tasks that are spread out through the game's rounds.
  • Numerous intriguing extra points and assistance items are available.
  • The game's rules are straightforward and do not require much effort.
  • With regard to mobile phones, swipe to navigate. Collect lumens, avoid gunfire, and use boxing gloves to drive other players crazy!
  • Using a desktop computer, you can do the following: To move, use the WASD (arrow) keys to click or hold them down. To win this game, collect lumens while avoiding gunfire and use boxing gloves to drive other players insane!
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