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Neon Tetris

Neon Tetris


Neon Tetris is a puzzle game for all ages in which blocks fall and must be put in the empty spaces. Players will move and fit blocks to make a complete line in order to demolish block lines and collect points. Join today for the best chance of winning!

How to play

Neon Tetris begins with players moving and fitting pieces into a complete line in order to demolish lines of blocks and score points.

Attempt to win with as many points as possible by accumulating combinations by destroying successive lines. This game is based on the well-known Tetris, one of the earliest video games ever made. Good luck and have a good time!

  • Everyone will like this game.
  • There are several levels and rounds for players to complete.
  • Bonus points and other stuff that will help you out.
  • Neon visuals and animations that are colorful and stunning.
  • Play with your desktop: Using the left and right arrows, the user moves the mouse left and right. The Up Arrow or the X may be used to move blocks. Z should be turned in a clockwise direction. Rotate the down arrow counterclockwise. Down prevents access to the Space Bar. Drop blocks and lock control. Switch the blocks. Put P to stop the game.
  • To play on a mobile device, just tap the buttons on the screen.
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