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Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures

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Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures


Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures: Accompany Mr. Bean as he travels around the world of solitaire card games. Come along with Mr. Bean as he tries to take a selfie on top of London's Tower Bridge, but he ends up falling off and crashing into a ship that is headed for the United States! Almost as soon as he opens his eyes, he is in New York, and this marks the beginning of his voyage on his own. Join him on a voyage around the United States in our brand new solitaire card game, and feel the vibes of places such as New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, and New Orleans, amongst others. Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures gives you the chance to go on an amazing journey with Mr. Bean and learn new things along the way.

  • Photos that are just two dimensions and full of color.
  • Card game of solitaire, accompanied by detailed instructions
  • Intuitional powers
  • The cards have cartoonish illustrations that are funny.

The aim of Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures may be accomplished by the player by tapping or clicking on the screen to stack their cards in either ascending or descending sequence. If you just have three clubs, you can mix them with two suits, and if you only have three clubs, you can combine them with four suits.


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