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Love Tester

Love Tester


The Love Tester is a fun web-based game that will test your compatibility with your partner. Simply substitute the names of your partner and your own (or your spouse's) names. You can also choose to change the gender. It may not work exactly as you expected, but I cannot guarantee that it will. This isn't it? Register for Love Tester now to take advantage of great opportunities.

  • List at least three preferred names.
  • For each attractive person, choose the preferred gender.
  • Analyze all the data to determine the most qualified candidate.
  • Make sure you tell your friends.

The left mouse button allows the player to choose the field name, and then the calculation begins. The keyboard can be used to enter the name. True love is mathematical. Let go of your emotions and just think rationally. Below, you can enter your name as well as the name or email address of the person who is interested in seeing if they are truly meant to be together. You won't be fooled by an honest calculator for love. It is possible to include up to three people in the calculation. Have fun with your shape and show it off to your friends.

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