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Kitts Kingdom

Kitts Kingdom


Kitts Kingdom is a free online game that is open to all gamers. Take part in the defense of Felis against the Canine Empire with Sergeant Kitt. To take down waves of aggressive dogs, as well as other animals that attack, hounds who steal stuff, and even certain monsters that howl erratically, you'll need a diverse arsenal of weaponry. Build additional towers, grow your crew, and upgrade your armament to strengthen your defenses. Gain victory for Felis and restore peace to the kingdom after the battle. Join Kitts Kingdom as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any of the other wonderful opportunities that are now available!

  • Two-dimensional graphics with vibrant colors.
  • Participation in multi-player online games.
  • The controls are simple. 
  • A game that is both addictive and interesting to play.

In Kitt's Kingdom, players may move about by using the mouse or the WASD keys; to fire, they must use the right mouse button. Best wishes!

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