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Hyper Basketball Kick Up Party

Hyper Basketball Kick Up Party


Hyper Basketball Kick Up Party is a straightforward basketball game from the hypergame genre. This game is suited for all ages; to play, simply move the mouse to put the ball into the basket within the time limit. Now is your chance to join the Hyper basketball kick-up party and become a professional player!

How to play

Players demonstrate their skills on the basketball court in this hyper basketball kick-up party game, with the goal of becoming the best club player in the world. Be the best player in the stadium and you'll become a legend.

By tapping the circle that you have control over, you can kick the ball. Every kick is tallied and factored towards the final score. You will receive a higher score much faster if you do not strike the barrier. Take care not to drop the ball, and best of luck!

  • The in-game setup is straightforward and straightforward.
  • The performer has several hurdles.
  • Bonus points and goods that help players are both intriguing.
  • Using the mouse or tapping on the phone, players move and control the ball.
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