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Head Sport Basketball

Head Sport Basketball


Head Sport Basketball is a great-looking online basketball game that's a lot of fun. Players may play alone or with two other people, and they can even compete against AI opponents. Try your hardest to outscore your opponents and win the game!

How to play

Players control the character by using the mouse and keyboard to hit the ball into the hoop. Each ball in the basket is worth one point.

Each round will provide a new challenge, so attempt to apply the method to get as many balls into the basket as possible in order to defeat your opponent.

  • Vibrant visuals provide gamers with a realistic experience of playing on a football pitch.
  • Customization is quick, the game runs well with little latency, and loading is fast.
  • There are several rounds of conflict, with actual players pitted against one another or against the AI.
Rules to success
  • The player must follow the game's instructions in order to win.
  • Move the figure rapidly, using the mouse and keyboard to position the ball in front of the opponent.
  • Each round will be timed, so attempt to get as many balls into the basket as possible before your opponent wins!
  • Use the left-right or AD arrows to navigate around.
  • To leap, use W or the up arrow shooting area.
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