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FireBlob Winter

FireBlob Winter


FireBlob Winter is a platform-puzzle game inspired by various NES-type games. The game features a bright visual style, retro-like sound, and calm music to provide players with a fantastically relaxing experience.

How to play

To begin, just complete the game's task, which involves commanding a little fireball to approach and spark a wood fire. The player either melts the ice using the ball's heat ability or utilizes a leveling device to assist her in completing her objective.

  • The sequel to FireBlob will push players more and more with additional levels of play and fascinating challenges.
  • Improved game setup, improved visuals, a faster running option, and a final boss encounter.
Rules to success

The current player moves the flame towards the bonfire by manipulating the keys: A moves you left, D moves you right, and H jumps you up. To conquer problems, unlock and upgrade for the next round, try practicing rapid manipulation.

  • Desktop: To move, use the A, D, or Arrow keys. To jump, use H, W, Up Arrow, or Space.
  • On-Screen Controls for Mobile Phones.
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