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Esplodi Bolla V

Esplodi Bolla V


Esplodi Bolla V is a fun game for individuals who want to experiment with colors and learn new things about them. This is a traditional Italian and Spanish game with a design that will appeal to everyone. To reach the finish line, players must simply follow the game's instructions. Now is the time to join Esplodi Bolla V!

How to play

The player's purpose in this Esplodi Bolla V game is to move and operate the mouse in order to contact the ball according to the appropriate color. However, in this game, players must move and touch as many balls as necessary before the color changes. It's vital to notice that players should avoid touching the black balls. If you contact the black ball, the round will end and you will have to start over from the beginning. I wish you the best of luck and the biggest win!

  • The game's graphic style is appealing to gamers.
  • Many unique aspects aid in goal scoring.
  • The round's winner or loser is determined by the passage of time.
  • On mobile devices, players must just tap the screen with their finger, whereas on PCs, they must touch the screen with the left mouse button. Pop the colorful balls in order without popping the five black balls.


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