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Dunk Fall

Dunk Fall


Dunk Fall is an action-packed basketball game for two players. Once you begin playing, you will be able to choose your team and begin the tasks together.

You will be permitted to participate in regular basketball games solely on an individual basis. However, with Dunk Fall, you may play in teams of two or more to compete in difficult competitions.

How to play

To complete the tasks and win the tournaments, you must follow the game's instructions. Control your player to make incredible dunks and three-pointers in order to win the game.

Maintain an open mind in order to block and slap your opponent, knocking him down and claiming the ball. However, keep an eye on the super shot bar at the top of the screen. Once it is completely filled, you may utilize the hot special throw from anywhere on the screen.

  • Take on CPU challenges or enjoy rapid bouts against your pals.
  • Take out your opponent and retrieve the ball with the help of the special pitcher. To get it, keep an eye on the super shot bar at the top of the screen. Once it is completely filled, the hot special throw may be used from any position.
Rules to success

It's a wise choice to aim for boosters to overtake your opponents.

You should pay attention to the shooting points, and at the same time distract the opponent and throw the ball into the basket as quickly as possible.

You can speed it up by filling up the super shot bar at the top of the screen. When you have a special ball, quickly throw the ball to knock down the opponent to get the highest score.

  • Use your keyboard to put the ball into the ring to beat the opponent.


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