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Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game


Playing as a T-Rex, your goal in the online game Dinosaur Game is to sprint as far as possible while avoiding danger. The 2014 Google Chrome Dino game integration served as inspiration for this game, which can be played offline. Where do you stand in terms of readiness? Start playing the Dinosaur Game right now!

  • An Extinct-era T-Rex in an.
  • Endless Runner Game. 
  • Google's popular side-scrolling camera-view 2D online game has 8-bit visuals.

To take part in the challenge, use the spacebar to start movement. To skip past hazards, use the space bar. You'll need to plan ahead for your leaps since your speed will grow more rapidly as you ascend to a higher altitude. You may also encounter birds; if you see one, avoid the temptation to leap over it. Wishing you the best of luck!

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