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Dig It

Dig It


Dig It is a form in the basketball game, but it has been upgraded to a version more suitable for players. There will be several rounds in the game, and the player's goal will be to fulfill the challenge of guiding the ball to the finish line and unlock the next round.

How to play

To accomplish the challenge, you must follow the game's instructions. Make sure you shoot the basketball into the target hole while keeping the spikes from going through the basketball. 

Join your friends or family in the challenge to earn additional points and advance to the next round!

  • The game is user-friendly and presented in a contemporary design. As the trial layout changes, so does the difficulty of each round.
  • There are several products that can be redeemed for the winning player's benefit.
  • It features a one-of-a-kind physics-based transformation process, as well as a variety of application tools loaded with mazes, hurdles, and entertainment goods.
Rules to success

To shorten the challenge completion time, acquire things and utilize them to swap for power-ups like shields, attacks, or super balls.

After each winning game, you may upgrade or level up by buying, swapping goods, or earning coins.

To win swiftly, you must maintain the competition's pace and adhere to the game's guidelines.

  • To play, use your mouse or touch your screen.

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