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Crowd lumberjack

Crowd lumberjack


Crowd lumberjack is an online game where you make a house of wood. This is a fun idle tycoon type game in which you must cut down trees and gather wood to construct a house on an isolated island. Use your trusty saw to explore the world. Having more lumberjacks is always a good thing, so you can go ahead and get more. Do what others are doing and, while you're at the same time, chop down trees. I'm on a journey to see another side of the world. Get ready to discover uncharted islands, and to make a home on dazzling new streets. This place is everything you could need. Cut and build! Be the leader of the island and be respected and feared. It won't take much time. Crowd Lumberjack membership is available at any time.

  • It can be very fun to play with stickmen.
  • A 3D animated ragdoll figure for a stickman.
  • The experience is made pleasant and easy by the fact that you can control everything with one finger.
  • It is both sophisticated and casual in appearance.
  • If you make your stickmen stronger, you can form a team with stickmen woodsmen.
  • You can make your city unique.
  • There are many gifts and rewards.

You can drag your finger across a screen or use the WASD key to move. Get to work, and take down the tree!

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