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Cratemage is a fun and challenging puzzle game that everyone can play online for free. In this Cratemage game, the player's purpose is to complete chores as quickly as possible. Ordering containers is your only option if you want to find the dungeon's wealth. Magic orbs may be used to bring together various containers and coordinate their movements to complete mind-bending challenges. Join Cratemage now and don't miss out on any exciting opportunities!

  • This game has twenty different puzzles of various difficulty.
  • There are several methods to make use of the fundamental concepts of magically joining containers.
  • Spectacular accomplishments are accomplished.

The WASD key combination is used by Cratemage players to traverse and perform missions. The container's left mouse button may be used to attach an orb. Press the right mouse button on an orb to unlink it from the chain of connection. Using the spacebar will bring up all orbs on the screen. The music should be toned down. When you want to start again, just press R. The best of luck to you!

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