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Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel

Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel


Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel is an original spin on the classic game of bubble shooting. The candy wheel can be spun to create this unique twist. In order to win, you need to collect all of the candies shown on the wheel. In order to create groups of sweets that are the same color, you should aim your sweets in the direction of this wheel. To avoid a lower score, don't play the game too long. The Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel can be played right now.

  • It's not only fun, but it is also hard to stop playing.
  • Intuitive controls
  • Excellent artwork in two dimensions.
  • To complete each level, it will take some time.

The user has the option to use their mouse, or touch input to complete various tasks. You can also play the game with either of these options. I hope everything turns out well.

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