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Brick Out

Brick Out


In Brick Out, the focus is on battle, and it's free to play with a group of friends. Take aim and fire as many bricks as you can while keeping an eye on the landing platform. You have access to powerful weapons that can simultaneously demolish a large number of blocks. What do you want to happen in the future? Sign up for Brick Out as soon as possible.

  • At first, it's hard not to get swept up in the excitement of a game like this.
  • Adding sound effects ups the ante in terms of entertainment value.
  • It's a joy to look at and much more fun to use.

Using the mouse, participants must drag their landing pad to the correct location in order to take part in the challenge. Once you've shattered all of the tiles you can, keep targeting and smashing them. You'll need to finish the challenge in order to receive your prize money. Your encouragement and well wishes are greatly appreciated.

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