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Big Bird Racing

Big Bird Racing


Big Bird Racing is an entertaining arcade game that everybody may enjoy. The player's responsibility is to take part in the race with the other participants. If you are a true racer, sign up with Big Bird Racing right away!

How to play

The player's responsibility is to take part in the race with the other participants. In this entertaining arcade game, you may compete against up to four other players on a single keyboard. Aside from that, you may ask your friends to come and participate in nine various sorts of races... and see who will be the largest and fastest bird in the race.

Pay close attention to the obstacles that may appear on the course. And don't forget to acquire objects along the way in order to gain extra success benefits. Good luck, and may the best team triumph in the end!

  • There are several rounds in the game, each with a challenge ranging from simple to challenging.
  • Beautiful graphics, as well as a lively soundtrack.
  • Many of the new features assist players in reaching the finish line as swiftly as possible.
  • To move through the tasks, players can utilize a mouse and keyboard or a touch screen device.


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