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Battalion Command 1917

Battalion Command 1917


Battalion Command 1917 is an online, free military-themed game. The player plays the role a tough, yet brave soldier given difficult instructions. One hundred and sixty-six of his closest friends' lives depend on him finding an enemy machine and eliminating it in time. I admire your bravery as an a warrior. Some captured troops in enemy territory may have been willing to join the operation if they were aware they would be liberated. Each run must bring gold in order to purchase costly upgrades like heavy tank tanks. It's intriguing. Join Battalion Commander 1917 now!

  • Two-dimensional visuals that explode with color and energy.
  • Combining existing items can create new things.
  • You can get items to use during the game.
  • Randomly, the contents of treasure boxes are selected.

Battalion Commander 1918 lets players battle together by following the movements of their fingers or mouse. This ability can be activated by clicking on the screen's bottom or left-clicking. I wish you every success!

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