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Ball Fill

Ball Fill


Ball Fill is a new form of basketball game that has been specifically designed to meet the demands of players. This game asks players to utilize their management abilities to overcome obstacles in order to put 20 balls into the basket in accordance with the regulations.

How to play

To win, the player must complete all of the tasks and shoot 20 balls into the basket. After completing each round, the player will be able to advance to the next round.

The player touches the screen and changes the shooting point, causing the ball to fall into the hoop. You will be assigned a particular number of balls for each round. If you do not place all 20 balls in the basket, you will have to start again.

Make the most of your incredible abilities to emerge victoriously!

  • The game is further developed and improved to bring a great experience to the players.
  • Each round will have different difficulties and levels of play, from simple to difficult.
  • To complete the challenge, you must follow the instructions in the game.
Rules to success

The object of the game is to dodge obstacles while collecting as many balls as possible. Players must place all 20 balls into the basket according to the rules and must overcome obstacles around the arena. You must be very cautious while accomplishing the task.

Make sure you complete all of the tasks to advance to the next round. If you do not pass, you will have to repeat all of the tasks.

  • Move and shoot the ball into all of the baskets using the mouse and keyboard.
  • The player uses an adjustable stick and sets the ball on the shooting point to get the ball into all of the baskets.
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