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Awesome Conquest

Awesome Conquest


Anyone who is interested in participating in the violent, fight-focused online game known as Awesome Conquest is welcome to do so. Because the natives have illegally appropriated our land, it is time for you to raise an army and reclaim what is rightfully yours. Build up your city by incorporating one level at a time into the structure. Construct your mining operations in order to generate more income, build your temple in order to ask God for aid, and train your army in order to get ready for battle. How fast are you able to reclaim control of your territory from the reds who have been occupying it? Join the Awesome Conquest at this very second by registering!

  • By getting better at the game, you can unlock the ability to buy one of three different levels of difficulty.
  • Unlockable and usable new weapons.
  • Places and accolades that are attainable.

Players are responsible for overcoming obstacles in Awesome Conquest, and they do so by combining the use of their keyboards and mice in order to advance in the game and reach the objectives they have set for themselves. Best of luck!

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