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18 Wheeler Driving Sim

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18 Wheeler Driving Sim

18 Wheeler Driving Sim


18 Wheeler Driving Sim is a game that lets users practice driving a truck. It can also be played on any other computer. The game's objective is to get goods across rough terrain with an 18-wheeler while causing the least damage possible to the load. As you play, you will gain more money and goods from your driving position. That's what makes it so fascinating! Learn how to drive big trucks quickly

  • Images in full color and three dimensions.
  • There are many options to adjust the camera’s perspective.
  • Once you've figured out how the car unlocks, it's very easy to get inside.
  • There are simple settings that anyone can change.
  • A test run lasting 30 days.

To move the vehicle, the player must press the right arrow key of their keyboard. To move the camera, click and drag. All the best to you!

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